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Hygiene Liquid Wash

As this combination is used to prevent vaginal infections caused by the bacteria and maintains healthy vagina .

  • Composition

    Lactic acid, Tea tree oil & Sea buckthorn oil

  • Release form


  • Category

    For Women Care


Used in vaginal infections, Vaginal inflammation, and Vaginosis.


Lactic acid produced by the bacteria prevents the colonization of the other bacteria in the vagina via competition for the epithelial cells and through the inhibition of growth.
Tea tree oil: tea tree oil contains terpinen- 4- ol or alpha terpineol affects the structural and function of the bacterial membrane which may results in the leakage of the potassium therefore inhibition of the respiration leads to the lysis of the cell wall.

Side Effects

Itching skin, Burning sensation, Dry skin, and Rashes.