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Simethicone Emulsion, Dill Oil & Fennel Oil Drops

This combination of simethicone oil, dill oil and fennel oil are used together to get relief from the digestive system problems such as bloating, flatulence, Gas etc. It also provides relief from the constipation by acting as laxative.

  • Composition

    Simethicone Emulsion, Dill Oil and Fennel Oil

  • Release form

    Husk Granules

  • Category



Constipation, Fissures, Haemorrhoids, Pregnancy, Pre and postoperative conditions, Mild to moderate hypercholesterolaemia, Prevention of hepatic encephalopathy, Chronic cholecystitis, Acidity, Anorectal disease, and Irritable bowel syndrome.

About Composition

Simethicone Emulsion:

Simethicone is the over the counter drug it is used to treat gas, bloating, fullness and painful pressure.
It is an anti-gas (anti-flatulence) medication.
It works by changing the surface tension of gas bubbles in the stomach and intestines or breaking down them to the large bubbles in this way gas is eliminated.

Dill Oil:

Dill is known for its ability to enhance the flavor of various cuisines. Dill leaves and seeds are used in various food industry including from appetizers to main dishes. Dill oil helps in digestion and can ease symptoms from issues like colic in babies, flatulence, and the heartburn and indigestion that occur when eating the wrong foods, when stressed, and more.

Fennel Oil:

Fennel oil is obtained from the fructus foeniculum vulgare miller herb.
It is used as flavoring agent in certain laxative preparations.
It is used as digestive stimulant and also improves the metabolism function.
It acts as laxative when ingested orally and increases the gastrointestinal motility
Side Effects

Temporary increase of flatulence and abdominal distension, Rectal irritation, Dangerous potassium loss, Headache, Confusion, Rash, Hypersensitivity reactions.